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Belated greetings

Hi Guys, Due to an internet glich I have been unable to access my blog, but having overcome the problem I would like to offer a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR to every one, and wish your teams good luck in the New Year.

Benelovent Fund

Hi Guys,

I don't have much to say today, except to inform you that if you have a player who has been out injured for any length of time, and they have been claiming insurance payments, do they know of the Durham County and the Football Association Benevolent Funds which could supplement any payments in cases of hardship?

For further information contact Durham County Football Association.

Confirming with Officials

Hi Guys,

I find it difficult to understand that, after four months of the season, Bob Sinclair is informed that a club only informs the referee of match arrangements, and doesn't inform the assistant referees of the appointments.

I think referees that act as assistants at matches and are not informed of the match arrangements, are also at fault as they should be informing the League so that we can guide clubs, and referees, to the correct procedures for match confimation.

I am not aiming this critisism at all clubs or referees, but, if you have been at fault in the past, now is the time to ask the questions and be pointed in the right direction.


Hi guys, I hope this Chairman's blog will give me the opportunity to keep more in touch with League matters than I have been able to in the past. It also means I can express my feelings on League matters "as they happen" rather that at monthly, or three monthly, meetings. That brings me nicely into my first disappointment. It is not the unexpected loss of two teams over recent weeks, although that was a huge disappointment, it was the apathy shown by member clubs to the Emergency First Aid course arranged by Bob Sinclair to assist you with a Charter Standard work shop and gain first aid qualifications for club members, which is a requirement of the Football Association. My thanks go to the representatives of the three clubs that did attend the course, and hopefully they will benefit from it.

As for the remainder of clubs, it is a sad indictment of modern day eleven a side Saturday adult football when players show no interest other than pulling on a pair of football boots to play, with no thought of what goes on behind the scenes to get their game of football up and running.
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